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We specialize in providing the most professional and creative newborn, maternity, & family services in the NJ/NYC metro area. Besides being a professionally trained photographer, I'm also a mother of two children, so I have an intimate knowledge of working with infants and toddlers and an infinite amount of patience and grace to make the experience just as relaxed and fun for the children as it is for the parents!
It’s been said that art is the only truth, and photography is the truest form of art, as it captures us as we are. Daliza photography is testament to this, our  photographs bring out and showcase the natural beauty of family, and creates a lasting memory of a time in your life that you can hold on to and cherish for years to come.

At Daliza photography, we are especially honored to capture the special memories of your precious baby. We love to capture the sweet expressions, tiny details, and tender emotions of this magical time in your lives with artistic portraits. These portraits are best captured in the first two weeks after birth, while your infant is sleeping deeply and curling up naturally into those sweet womb-like poses. To ensure availability, we recommend clients to book before the baby is born.  Please visit our investment page for details of our newborn packages.

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and one of the most profound miracles of Mother Nature. It is a time in a woman’s life when she is imbued with all the color and resonance of life, and endowed with the purest love imaginable.

Daliza's maternity photo sessions capture this essence with stunning and heartfelt clarity, allowing you to preserve this wonderful moment and share it with your most cherished loved ones and friends.

Your journey as a mother is just beginning, and your pregnancy is the perfect time to start capturing that beautiful journey in brilliant, professional images that you will look back on with great fondness throughout you and your child’s lives.

Daliza's years of experience as a professional maternity photographer gives her the ability to focus and accentuate the most beautiful aspects of pregnancy, expertly highlighting the shapes, shadows, and curves that nature adorns the expectant mother. She is able to capture the perfect composition to make any expectant mother look her most beautiful, even if she may not feel that way.



Many pregnant women may feel self-conscious of their bodies during pregnancy, which is completely normal. However, Daliza is able to create a relaxed and safe setting, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in your form. She knows which angles to shoot in order to create the most beautiful, flattering and tasteful results you will be proud to showcase.

The maternity photography sessions are usually scheduled between 32 and 36 weeks into your pregnancy, as it’s the perfect time when you are showing, but not too far along in your pregnancy when it’s uncomfortable to walk or pose.

Maternity sessions can be of just you or you can choose to have your partner join you. Likewise, you can choose to have the sessions done in our studio under professionally controlled lighting conditions and backdrops, in the privacy of your own home, or even on location in the setting of your choice. It’s entirely up to you. This is your moment, and we will gladly accommodate personal requests!

Your portrait session is only the start of creating your custom artwork. Following your session, we spend an extensive amount of time curating and post-processing the best images to showcase in your gallery.


Within one week of your session, you will receive a link to your private proofing gallery to select your favorite images for editing. We carefully curate the images from your session to share the best ones based on lighting, background, focus, pose, facial expressions, and overall appeal. Once you've finalized your selections, we will artistically edit each image in color and black & white. Please understand that we do not release raw files, since they are not a finished product. You are always welcome to purchase additional edited digital portraits.


We want you to treasure your final portraits. As you’ll see in the example below  each image is tastefully edited into a unique work of art. For every minute we spend together, we spend hundreds more behind the scenes to make your final photos and overall experience truly exceptional.



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